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Neneng Rosediana - Biodata Ochi JKT48 Profile - Foto Ochi Fakta

Azeeek Girl

Ochi started the journey as a member JKT48 with full struggle. Her efforts sometimes make her to cry because she wanted to show the best. That is why a shining Ochi just as now. She was pretty fun but the other members call her handsome.

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Ochi Kawai

Ochi JKT48 Complete Profile and Biodata

~ Birth Name : Neneng Rosediana
~ Nick Name : Ochi
~ D.O.B. : January 24, 1999
~ Birth Place : Lebak
~ Height : 160 cm
~ Horoscope : Aquarius
~ Blood Type : O
~ Jikoushokai [Introductory Greetings] : "haaii~ .... and fun ~ My name Neneng ~ called me, Ochi"
~ About Her : as JKT48 member I put RESPECT above all things. The first duty of love is to listen.

Kind and always have the heart to listen to her sisters in JKT48. Her nickname is Ochi, and this ever thankful member is showing her best to be a part of JKT48. Constant struggle and effort with determination showed in daily practices.

About Ochi JKT48 Fact, Fakta, Foto

~ Religion : Islam
~ Favorite Color : Light Blue
~ Favorite Food : Fried Chicken
~ Favorite Cartoon : Doraemon, Naruto
~ Favorite Doll : Daisy Duck, Donald Duck
~ Favorite Animal : Rabbit

Foto Ochi JKT48
Ochi JKT48 with Cindy
Ochi JKT48 with Cleo
Ochi JKT48 Beauty
Ochi JKT48 Gombal Gembel
Ochi JKT48 with her cookie
Ochi JKT48 lose
Ochi JKT48 with Beby
Ochi JKT48 black dress
Ochi JKT48 ubanan
Ochi JKT48 on Stage

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